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Skroutz XML Feed: Additional Images & Express Delivery


Hey there! We've received a lot of messages from you concerning the Skroutz XML Feed app. The general question is this:


"Skroutz is taking down my products that only have a single image in the XML. How can I fix this?"

In the Premium tab, we have added a checkbox option called "Additional Images". By ticking the checkbox and then saving your options (which also builds your XML again), you are going to see new fields appear in the products of your XML file, containing the additional images of your Shopify products.

For this feature, you need the Premium version of the app. Send us an email on if you want us to give you a free 2 month trial!

Be careful, if you have multiple colors as well as sizes for options in your products, this might not work properly. Wrong color images might be matched to other image variants in the XML feed, since on Shopify we only know the main image of every variant.


Another issue or general question comes from a new availability option that Skroutz has added, called "Άμεσα διαθέσιμο" or "In stock". This option refers to products that are "available for Express Delivery", in case your shop has that service available on Skroutz and your products fulfill this service's criteria. You can see that new option on the "Dashboard" when you click on the menu under "Delivery time". If you have Premium, you can also add the delivery time tag on your products to change it to this availability.