New updates and improvements to

  1. Knowledge Base updates!


    Want to find out more about our ability to create XML files for your requested marketplaces, tailor made for your needs? Simply check out the related article on our website and make your own request today!

    If you already have a custom XML created by us, make sure to check out this article to find out how you can use the already installed Skroutz XML Feed app on your store to switch from the Skroutz XML to your custom XML (and apply custom options to it) in no time.

    And don't forget to check out our Knowledge Base from time to time for new articles concerning the apps of the SYN ecosystem!

  2. New options and New Couriers! 🐣

    New Feature

    Hey everyone! SYN Team back at it again, with a brand new Premium option for our Skroutz XML Feed.


    The new option name is "Handling discounted prices" and it's there in case you need two fields for your product's prices: the original price and the discounted price.

    If a product has the price and compare at price properties filled in the variants, then in the XML feed the price_with_vat field will be the product price and the compare_at_price will be the product compare at price.

    If however, the product has just the price filled and no compare at price, both the price_with_vat and compare_at_price in the XML will be the product price.


    As for the courier voucher creators, new things are coming so stay in tuned! We are making sure we have covered the courier companies with the widest networks before we finally release them. If however, you need a solution for a courier company right away, send us a proposal at


    From the SYN team, have a Happy Easter and we will be back on Tuesday, April 18!

  3. Custom Solutions for your XML needs


    We have received many new requests for our XML applications, concerning customizations through product and variant metafields.

    Rest assured that we are more than capable of working together with you to create solutions for your store's XML feed based on pretty much any attributes that come along with your Shopify products!

    Simply send us a proposal at or fill our contact form with the details of your request.

  4. SYN Apps - The Current Overview


    Hey there! Thank you for your trust in our applications, as well as the constant requests we are getting for custom integrations. As a team, we are always striving to present our clients with tailor-made solutions, to help them grow in their own way.

        Our  Skroutz XML Feed app provides you with a one-click ready feed to jumpstart your Skroutz marketplace in an instant. It's also a general XML format that you can use for many other marketplaces and price comparison websites (a lot of our clients are already doing that!). Of course, if you need a different, more custom experience, we can provide you with feeds for Google, Facebook (Meta), Shopflix, eMAG and many other marketplaces.

    Our Glami XML Feed (official application for Glami) gives you the same reliability, as well as prestructured code snippets to include the Glami Pixel in your Shopify store.

    Both XML Feed apps come with Premium Versions, full of options that let you customize your feed further to your needs. Contact us for a free trial!

    Our BoxNow app gives you a handy dashboard to view your orders and issue your vouchers for BoxNow parcels.

    Stay tuned for big things coming up on the SYN apps... New courier integrations, new ideas for the XML Feeds and much more!


    Stay SYN 🧡

  5. From the SYN team, thank you!


    Following Shopify's recent changes, we updated the listings for our applications on the Shopify app store. Make sure to check them out:

                   Official Glami SYN XML Feed 

     Skroutz XML Feed 

     BoxNow (Official Application) 


    We would also like to thank you for the recent reviews, as well as the kind words you share with us. We want to see our customers satisfied and that is why we make sure the solutions we offer, are always tailor made to our customers' needs!


    Don't forget to send us your requests and questions on our contact page or directly via email on!

  6. Holiday wishes 🎄🎁🎅 from the SYN Team!


    'Tis the season to be jolly and we are wishing you the best for your holidays!


    Looking back on this year:

    We released the BoxNow application, for Shopify stores who want to automate their voucher experience with this locker-based courier service!

    We kept releasing new features for the XML applications, keeping up with the latest changes as well as requirements from the Skroutz and Glami marketplaces.

    We built new marketplace integrations and XML feeds for our customers who wanted to increase their sales with Shopflix, BestPrice, eMAG, Spartoo... the list goes on and on!


    We are looking forward to the next year with plenty of new ideas to bring to life. Don't be shy to give us even more suggestions on 2023!


    Here's to a cheerful present, a well-remembered past, and a prosperous year ahead.


  7. Skroutz XML Feed: Additional Images & Express Delivery


    Hey there! We've received a lot of messages from you concerning the Skroutz XML Feed app. The general question is this:


    "Skroutz is taking down my products that only have a single image in the XML. How can I fix this?"

    In the Premium tab, we have added a checkbox option called "Additional Images". By ticking the checkbox and then saving your options (which also builds your XML again), you are going to see new fields appear in the products of your XML file, containing the additional images of your Shopify products.

    For this feature, you need the Premium version of the app. Send us an email on if you want us to give you a free 2 month trial!

    Be careful, if you have multiple colors as well as sizes for options in your products, this might not work properly. Wrong color images might be matched to other image variants in the XML feed, since on Shopify we only know the main image of every variant.


    Another issue or general question comes from a new availability option that Skroutz has added, called "Άμεσα διαθέσιμο" or "In stock". This option refers to products that are "available for Express Delivery", in case your shop has that service available on Skroutz and your products fulfill this service's criteria. You can see that new option on the "Dashboard" when you click on the menu under "Delivery time". If you have Premium, you can also add the delivery time tag on your products to change it to this availability.

  8. BoxNow: Multiple Parcels for an Order

    New Feature

    A new feature dropped recently for your BoxNow orders! It's simple and useful whenever you have to send your BoxNow delivery in multiple packages.

    For this reason, from the dialog box that opens whenever you click on an order's name, you can go to the Shipping details at the new "Parcels" input.

    By default, the input is 1. You can change it by typing the number that you want. If for example you type in 3, then at the creation of the voucher, the voucher will be created for 3 separate parcels. You will be able to see the 3 different package slips when you download the voucher afterwards.


    Be careful however! Whenever you create vouchers with a mass create action (directly from the Order list by selecting multiple orders) the parcels input will always be 1.

  9. New Box Now Features!


    We are happy to see a lot of our clients engage and ask for more in our BoxNow application, that we launched this May.

    Some of the features we have made sure to include are:

    First of all, through the Settings tab, you can add all your multiple locations that you have registered to BoxNow as places that you will be delivering your packages from. Simply add the location id and a name to recognize it, and tap on "Add new Location".

    Moreover, you can add the standard shipping cost for your BoxNow deliveries, as well as the minimum amount for free shipping with BoxNow.



    If you have another name or let's say 'alias' for your Cash on Delivery payment method on checkout, make sure to add it on the last input in your Settings, since it will be important for the creation of your BoxNow vouchers.



    Don't forget to save all these options afterwards!!!


    Last but not least, in the Order List tab we have added a new filter called "Shipping Line". Press the button "More Filters" to see all the filter options available. By selecting Shipping Line, the option "Box Now", pressing "Done" and then "Search" to reload the orders, you will be able to see all the orders created on your store that during checkout, the customers selected a BoxNow locker for the delivery method.



  10. Glami: New Option Available! 👗

    New Feature

    Hey there! Quick announcement for a new feature coming up.

    If you are confused with Glami's way of matching product types to gender specific categories, don't worry!

    Starting today, you can simply add a "gender:<option>" tag on any of your products, where the <option> will be replaced with one of the following values: "male", "female" or "unisex".

    Your XML Feed will then be refreshed and add appropriate parameters to the products you want.

    In any case, if you still have questions about this option, send us an email at We will be happy to help you!