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SYN Apps - The Current Overview


Hey there! Thank you for your trust in our applications, as well as the constant requests we are getting for custom integrations. As a team, we are always striving to present our clients with tailor-made solutions, to help them grow in their own way.

    Our  Skroutz XML Feed app provides you with a one-click ready feed to jumpstart your Skroutz marketplace in an instant. It's also a general XML format that you can use for many other marketplaces and price comparison websites (a lot of our clients are already doing that!). Of course, if you need a different, more custom experience, we can provide you with feeds for Google, Facebook (Meta), Shopflix, eMAG and many other marketplaces.

Our Glami XML Feed (official application for Glami) gives you the same reliability, as well as prestructured code snippets to include the Glami Pixel in your Shopify store.

Both XML Feed apps come with Premium Versions, full of options that let you customize your feed further to your needs. Contact us for a free trial!

Our BoxNow app gives you a handy dashboard to view your orders and issue your vouchers for BoxNow parcels.

Stay tuned for big things coming up on the SYN apps... New courier integrations, new ideas for the XML Feeds and much more!


Stay SYN 🧡